Orthopedic Bracing

CSB Centre carries a large variety of orthopedic braces to aid in your pre-surgery support, post surgery recovery, and injury treatment.

Check out a some of our selection below or visit us at one of our two Windsor locations to view more of our collection and speak to one of our skilled & experienced staff members.

Compression Stocking & Bracing Centre  Deleted word offers a huge variety of Orthopedic Braces from Medi.

Our diverse collection of Medi Orthopedic braces are designed for a variety of activities, recovery, and everyday wear. We carry braces for a variety of ailments for optimal pain relief and ease of movement. Discover a selection of our available Medi braces below, visit one of our two Windsor locations to be fitted for your brace or to speak with our knowledgeable staff about your options for recovery, pain relief or everyday comfort.

Compression Stocking & Bracing Centre offers a huge variety of Orthopedic Braces from Donjoy.

Our collection of Donjoy Orthopedic Braces covers everything from Fracture Walking Boots to Custom Knee Braces, Hernia Belts to Maternity Back Support, and MORE. Our collection of Donjoy EXOS theroform braces are designed with everyday ease in mind including removal for showers.

Visit our Riverside location to discover our Donjoy slings. We also carry a variety of Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints and Achilles Splints, designed with comfort and ease of use in mind.

CSB Centre carries a variety of Breg braces and supports for a variety of needs including neck, back, thumb, wrist, ankle and knee braces among others.

Our experienced staff can fit you for the perfect brace to fit your needs, call us to learn more about our Breg collection and schedule your free consultation.

Breg creates orthopedic braces designed for daily treatment and pre-/post-surgery recovery.

Contact us to discover our full selection of Breg braces & book your free consultation.

Compression Stocking and Bracing Centre carries Ottobock products including Back Braces, Spine Braces, Drop Foot Braces, and MORE.

Visit one of our two Windsor locations to view some of these products.

Ottobock is designed with support and pain relief in mind to keep you moving and doing what you love.

Compression Stocking & Bracing Centre carries a variety of Ottobock products.

Compression Stocking & Bracing Centre carries a huge selection of Professional Orthopedic Products (POP) items including braces and slings for adults and children.

Call us for more information about our pediatric products & slings. If you need products for stabilization before surgery or post-surgery recovery, we have a large variety of products to ease your injury.

Compression Stocking & Bracing centre carries soft orthopedic braces from M-Brace are renowned for superior comfort and innovative design, made with injury rehabilitation in mind.

Visit one of our two Windsor locations to see our full M-Brace collection.

Please note this is only a limited selection of our full offering,
please visit one of our two Windsor locations to see more products available.

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