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Windsor-Essex's Choice For Compression Socks, Orthopedic Bracing & Medical Supplies.

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Compression Stocking & Bracing Centre is Windsor / Essex's leading supplier of Compression Stockings / Garments, Orthopedic Bracing and Medical Supplies

We carry a variety of brands covering everything you may need to ease recovery from surgery, treatment or for daily use. Discover some of our collection below.

Compression Therapy

We carry a large selection ofCompression Stockings, Wraps & Garments in a variety of lengths, colours, patterns & styles

Orthopedic Bracing

Our Orthopedic Braces cover a variety of injuries and support to ease your recovery pre- or post-surgery or provide daily support.

Medical Supplies

Discover our collection of medical supplies including Crutches, TENS Machines, Moist Heating Pads, Cold Therapy, Canes, Depends,  Non Wheeled Walkers, and more.

Two Convenient Locations Serving Windsor

We are a locally owned and operated, family run business with a team of skilled experts, offering the finest customer service.

It's our goal to get you the best possible product for your recovery.

We're conveniently located in the Dorwin Plaza on Dougall Avenue and in the Riverside Medical Centre on Riverside Drive.

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